Jovanni Cardenas


Jovanni, a DMV-based indie folk/alt-pop singer-songwriter and producer, is a rising force in the world of indie folk. Known for his hauntingly beautiful guitar playing and delicate storytelling, he brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the genre, captivating audiences with his imaginative, ethereal soundscapes and memorable performances. 

Born and raised in Annandale, Virginia, Jovanni discovered his passion for guitar at an early age. Influenced by Ben Howard, Bon Iver, & Sam Fender, he embarked on a musical journey that would lead to the creation of his own distinctive sound. 

Jovanni‚Äôs music is a combination of intricate guitar melodies and soothing vocal harmonies, creating a sonic experience that is both dynamic and immersive. He is known for his thought-provoking and heartfelt lyrics that set him apart in the indie folk/alt music scene. Over the years, 

Jovanni has been building his fan base brick by brick. With the releases of his singles Hate Me and Forever Half gaining traction, he was invited to open for THE WRIZZARDS at Union Stage in Washington DC. Jovanni's journey in music is an ongoing exploration of sound and creativity fueled by his unique perspective and unwavering passion.


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A powerful songwriter and brilliantly enigmatic songsmith.” - Independent Music Reviews
His distinctive vocal style, characterised by its expressiveness and emotional depth, adds a personal touch that resonates with listeners.” - Marcus Adetola

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